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Ozstream's Social Universe: Where Communication Meets Connection!

In an online landscape that overwhelms us with choices, Ozstream has strategically made a decision to hone our online presence on three essential platforms — Facebook, LinkedIn, and Mastodon.

This focused approach has been designed to help us focus on our commitments of communicating with clarity, to create meaningful engagement, and to nurture meaningful connections.

Our Facebook page is where we engage directly with our vibrant arts community.  Facebook is also where we share vital updates, spark up insightful conversations, and foster connections that matter to us as an organisation.

On LinkedIn, our presence serves as our prominent peer-to-peer networking platform. LinkedIn is where we, as individuals, network and collaborate and solidify our role as an advocate for Australia’s creative and performing arts industry.

Now enter the world of Mastodon. This is your space to share your ideas, to engage in discussions with your community, and to collaborate on innovative concepts for what you feel our industry is missing and could value from. Ozstream’s dedication lies in nurturing your creativity, providing a platform which allows you to use your voice so we may support and help you nurture your ideas and bring them to life. If you haven’t joined Mastodon yet, it really is the ideal platform for our community. It  promotes open dialogue, creativity, and mutual support, at the same time as addressing the challenges found on other platforms. (To delve deeper into Mastodon and the Fediverse, explore our collection of informative videos on YouTube.)

By concentrating our efforts on these three platforms, Ozstream’s aim is to achieve a more profound impact from our interactions, engagements and communications.

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