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Business Registration Details

Ozstream is a start-up that is operating under the UpOverDownUnder business entity. (ABN# 64 379 819 885). The UpOverDownUnder / The Ozstream Organisation (aka ‘Ozstream’) (‘us’, ‘we’, or ‘our’) owns and operates the following domains:

● Our Website

● Our Google Workspace

● Our Mastodon Instance

Download Ozstream’s Website Terms + Conditions If you’re a Sea-Dolt who needs your treasure in a Pirate Digital Friendly booty-grab, our Cursed Code can be seen in the Legalese of the Land Hoarders by clicking here.


Ahoy there, matey! Welcome aboard yer good ship Ozstream! Arrr, me hearties, gather ’round and heed this important message all crew’s conduct must adhere as we sail these digital seas together!

Ozstream is all about spreading fresh air, good vibes and creating a strong community. Just as a treasure chest holds valuable loot, every soul on this deck brings unique skills and talents. No matter the colour of their flag, or the challenges they face, all are equal members of this crew. So, be kind, compassionate, and treat everyone with the respect they deserve, for true pirates never judge a soul by their appearance or abilities!

Here we fly a flag of inclusivity and diversity, welcoming all-hands on deck, regardless of your differences, Ozstream hoists the colours of acceptance high on our mast, and summons the spirits of inclusivity to guide us as we navigate these choppy waters. All pirates, regardless of their abilities, bring unique strengths to the ship and add to the rich tapestry of a pirate’s life! Arrr, let’s celebrate and sail as one united crew! For discrimination be the anchor that drag us all down to Davy Jones’ locker! Remember, a pirate’s spirit knows no boundaries, and doesn’t define how they’ll make a valuable contribution to our crew. Remember, me hearties, a true pirate knows that the strength of a crew lies in their talents.

Navigatin’ through life’s rough waters be tough for some, but together, we’ll chart a course that supports and uplifts all our fellow crew members. Let’s make this ship a safe harbour, where everyone can shine their lanterns brightly and contribute to our grand voyage. Embrace our differences and celebrate the unique treasures each chest brings aboard.

So, let this message be carried on the winds and reach every corner of the digital seas. On Ozstream, we stand together, united, and ready to face any storm. No one will walk the plank of exclusion or discrimination on our watch! With the strength of our diverse crew and all our willing passengers, we’ll chart a course toward a brighter horizon, where all can all thrive and share in the spoils!

By joining us, you agree to follow these sailor’s honour codes:

Sail with Respect:

Treat every mate on deck with kindness and respect.

Mind your language, avoid walkin’ the plank with offensive or hurtful words.

Keep the cannons quiet, no personal attacks or threats allowed!

Aye to Positivity:

Let’s keep the ship sailing smooth with constructive conversations.

Lend a hand and support your fellow crew members.

Share your treasure trove of knowledge in a helpful way!

No Room for Scallywags:

We don’t tolerate any hate speech or offensive content onboard.

Keep the bawdy tales below deck, no explicit or offensive materials, ya hear?

Mind Yer Manners:

Let’s keep the ship sailing smooth with constructive conversations.

Lend a hand and support your fellow crew members.

Share your treasure trove of knowledge in a helpful way!

Set a True Course:

Follow all laws and regulations while sailing these digital waters.

No mutiny allowed, let’s keep it all lawful and aboveboard!

Report Trouble at Sea:

If you spot any bilge rats causin’ trouble, report ’em to the captain promptly!

Immediately send ya e-parchment parrot to:

Beware the Consequences:

Breakin’ the code might earn you a warning, a walkin’ the plank, or even the black spot!

Fair warning, offenders could find yer access disappeared and we’ll be keepin’ your treasure!

Fair winds and smooth sailin' to all on board!

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