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Why does Ozstream launch Beta Products?

The opportunity for Ozstream to launch a product whilst still in its beta release offers up several opportunities…

  • Engaging Early Adopters: Offering a product at a beta stage, allows Ozstream to attract early adopters who are eager to try our new products and provide their input in order to make it into something even better than what we thought it could be.
  • Community Building: Ozstream introducing a product in beta release helps us build our community of users who are invested in the success of our product. By building our community, they provide ongoing feedback, support, and even contribute to the product’s growth through their own lived experience and insights.
  • Early Feedback and Testing: Beta releases allow Ozstream to gather feedback and identify potential issues from a limited group of users before a full-scale launch. This feedback allows Ozstream to make the necessary adjustments and improvements, deliver bug-fixes, and to refine the product based on real-world usage.
  • User Experience Optimisation: Testing with a small group of users helps Ozstream understand how our customers interact with our product. These insights can then be used to further optimise the user interface, streamline user workflows, and enhance overall usability.
  • Market Validation: Ozstream introducing a new product in beta release helps us to gauge the market’s interest and demand for what we’re offering. Positive feedback and strong engagement during the beta phase indicates to us that our product has potential in the market. As we move to introduce multiple products, this is key to helping us focus on where we can maximise opportunities which will deliver the biggest benefits.
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