Can I promote my event / advertise on Ozstream?

Eventually, yes, but not right now… This is something that we’re actively working on and we hope will be available soon, we just need a few other things to fall into place first.

Does Ozstream have an App?

No – whilst we remain focused on successfully navigating our start-up phase, we’ve decided best to simply focus on making our services available via our website. At some point in the future, we will make our services available through an app, but we’re unsure as to when this will occur.

How can I provide feedback, make suggestions, or share my experiences?

We always love to receive feedback! We simply ask that it’s not the feedback you get when you place a microphone too close to a speaker! You can provide feedback, make suggestions, or share your experiences by emailing us at:

How can I report inappropriate content or behaviour on Ozstream?

All examples of inappropriate content or behaviour should be reported immediately by email. Where possible, please send screenshots, along with any other supporting information, to:

How does Ozstream work?

Ozstream is a social enterprise that makes money through the services we provide via our website.

Working within the concepts of compassionate capitalism, once Ozstream’s business operating expenses are covered, we seek to reinvest a considerable proportion of our revenues back into Australia’s creative and performing arts industry.

Once we’ve successfully navigated our start-up phase, we’ll be setting up a company and creating our constitution which will set-out exactly how we operate and re-invest in Australia’s Creative and Performing Arts Industries.

How is Ozstream improving the lives of Australian artists, entertainers, musicians, performers, and writers?

Ozstream is advocating the individual and collective needs of Australia’s creative and performing arts industries and cultural institutions. Our ultimate ambition is to ensure every Australian artist is supported by a living wage, therefore enabling artists to pursue their passion without facing financial constraints.

We’re empowering artists of all forms, by bridging the gap between talent and opportunity and connecting artists with venues, industry, and audience in new and innovative ways, thus creating the magic that happens when passion meets purpose.

Is your website accessible for people with varying abilities?

Our aim is to provide everyone with an ‘Access All Areas’ Pass, regardless of your ability!

Please bear with us while we work to achieve this important milestone!

What is Ozstream all about?

Please see our About Us section on our website.

What is Ozstream’s mission and vision for the future?

We can’t blame you for diving in and not paying attention to what’s on our landing page, so here it is again:

  • Our Vision: To ensure every Australian artist is supported by a living wage.
  • Our Mission: To empower all artists, by connecting them with venues, industry and audience, in new and innovative ways.
  • Our Purpose: To bridge the gap between talent and opportunity by leveraging technology to better connect the industry.
Where can I go to get more information?

If you’ve not been able to locate an answer to your question on our website, or in our FAQ section, please get in touch by using our Contact Us section on our website.

Where can I go to receive information and updates about Ozstream?

Our website Blog is our primary place to keep everyone updated about what’s going on.

As for when we’re looking to launch new functionality, our Activities and Timelines page provides information on our pipeline of programs and when we expect to add additional features, products, and services.

We also have three social media profiles which are updated regularly…

  • Facebook: Our primary social media channel.
  • LinkedIn: Our Business networking channel.
  • Mastodon: Our Ozstream community social network.

You also have the option to subscribe to our monthly newsletter when you sign up for an account.

Our monthly newsletter goes out on the last working Friday of the month.

Why does Ozstream launch Beta Products?

The opportunity for Ozstream to launch a product whilst still in its beta release offers up several opportunities…

  • Engaging Early Adopters: Offering a product at a beta stage, allows Ozstream to attract early adopters who are eager to try our new products and provide their input in order to make it into something even better than what we thought it could be.
  • Community Building: Ozstream introducing a product in beta release helps us build our community of users who are invested in the success of our product. By building our community, they provide ongoing feedback, support, and even contribute to the product’s growth through their own lived experience and insights.
  • Early Feedback and Testing: Beta releases allow Ozstream to gather feedback and identify potential issues from a limited group of users before a full-scale launch. This feedback allows Ozstream to make the necessary adjustments and improvements, deliver bug-fixes, and to refine the product based on real-world usage.
  • User Experience Optimisation: Testing with a small group of users helps Ozstream understand how our customers interact with our product. These insights can then be used to further optimise the user interface, streamline user workflows, and enhance overall usability.
  • Market Validation: Ozstream introducing a new product in beta release helps us to gauge the market’s interest and demand for what we’re offering. Positive feedback and strong engagement during the beta phase indicates to us that our product has potential in the market. As we move to introduce multiple products, this is key to helping us focus on where we can maximise opportunities which will deliver the biggest benefits.


Are my personal details secure?

As part of operating our website, Ozstream considers the security of your personal data to be one of our highest priorities. It’s one of the reasons we enforce two-factor authentication via the use of the Google Authenticator application. Ozstream employs above-industry-standards and security measures to protect your data and personal information. You can learn more about how we handle your information via our Privacy Policy page.

Can I update my account details and preferences?

Yes, you can update all the information within your account / product profile subscriptions; the only thing you can’t change is your account type. E.g. You can’t change an individual account into a business account, or vice versa.

Do I have to pay to create an account?

Short answer: No. An Ozstream account is free to create, you only pay for the service subscriptions that you choose to use. For more information about how Ozstream’s Service Subscriptions work – you will find this in the Payments FAQs section.

Note: At launch, only our GigBridge service will be available for performers and venues. That said, we have a number of new services currently in the pipeline which will be launched as we continue to grow and scale-up.

How do I create an Account?

To create an account, simply click on the ‘Get Started / Sign Up’ button on the Ozstream Account page.

I’ve forgotten my email or password I use to log in to My Account?

To reset your account email and/or password, select the ‘My Account Help’ page from the Ozstream Account menu.

What if I’m not a performer, or venue, can I still create an account?

At this present time, Ozstream doesn’t have any features, products and services available for the general public. As we grow to offer more features, products and services – a new option of a Customer Account will be made available. All going well on our current trajectory – we expect our new Customer Account functions will be available for the general public and going live in the middle of 2024.

What type of account do I need to select / create?

Selecting the right account type is important as your account type controls what features, products and services are made available to you.

  • If you’re an artist, entertainer, musician, performer or band, then you should create an Artist Account.
  • If you’re a business or a venue, a community group, not-for-profit, or belong to an industry or government body, then you should create a Business Account.
Who can sign-up for an Ozstream account?

Ozstream is for anyone and everyone who holds an interest in Australia’s creative and performing arts industries. Ozstream has been created by the industry – for the industry – to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, by leveraging technology to better connect everyone in the industry.

Note: Whilst we’re in our start-up phase – only our GigBridge service will be available. GigBridge benefits performers looking for venues in which to perform, as well as venues who are wanting to put on entertainment and are looking for performers who can provide this entertainment.

Why should I create an Ozstream Account?

An Ozstream account is what enables you to dive into our world of endless opportunities.

With an Ozstream account, you’ll be joining a compassionate community that empowers Australia’s artists, venues, industry and audience. No middlemen – no hassles – just endless opportunities at your fingertips. Sign up now and get ready to amplify your potential connections.

Ozstream’s future services will enable artists, venues, business and community groups to promote their events and entertainment through our website, and provide the ability for creative artists to sell directly to customers through our ecommerce platform.

Service Subscription

Do you offer a free trial?

Ozstream does offer free trials to approved individuals, groups and businesses. If you would like to be considered for a free trial, please email

Do you offer discounts?

Ozstream offers a 50% discount whenever our products are available in beta release. We do this as a way of attracting early adopters who are enthusiastic about trying our products whilst we continue to test and develop them, and are happy to offer feedback on their experiences and make suggestions for ways we might be able to improve upon the features and functionality already available.

Ozstream also offers discounts for users who are renewing their 12 month subscription, or are purchasing additional capability / capacity for their existing subscription/s.

Does the clock reset when purchasing add-on subscriptions?

In short: No – the clock doesn’t reset. That of your product subscription, and that of your add-on subscription are their own individual subscriptions. Each subscription has its own 12 month period where the features and functionality are available for use. Where you have purchased an add-on subscription to enhance your existing product subscription, these features will continue to be available once you’ve renewed your product subscription.

We are currently exploring how to show you each of your subscription expiry dates through your account information.

How do I delete my Ozstream account?

Look, to be honest, we never want anyone to see anyone deleting their account, but we understand that there may be the rare occasions when this is required. The option to delete your account is available once you’re logged in to your account.

However, please be careful when deleting your account! Deleting your account also deletes all your profile subscriptions. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for any profile subscriptions cancelled midway through their subscription period.

Is Ozstream available in other countries?

Short answer: No… To be honest, we’ve so much we want to achieve within the confines of Australia’s Creative and Performing Arts Industry, fair to say we’ve already got enough on our plate as it is.

All of our products and services are suitable and designed for use by anyone located in Australia, and within the geographic reach of Australia and its external territories.

But, never say never – right?! Once we’ve successfully navigated our start-up period, Ozstream may be open to exploring the idea and possibility of licensing our operating model for use in other countries.

Ozstream’s Service Subscriptions

All of Ozstream’s services are purchased as add-on’s to your account and are a subscription available for a 12 month period.

What if I have a problem with my payment / subscription?

Please email your issue along with any supporting payment information to:

What types of payment do you accept?

Ozstream accepts payment from Credit and Debit cards and uses Square’s secure payment processing solution.


Are there any fees for using GigBridge?

The cost of GigBridge is $110.00 (incl.GST) for a 12 month subscription. Whilst GigBridge is available in its beta release, you’ll have the opportunity to sign-up for a 12 month subscription with a 50% discount. Regardless of when you sign-up, your 12 month subscription will continue as we add features and develop GigBridge into its final release version.

What is GigBridge?

GigBridge is Ozstream’s launching product – whilst primarily created to help new and emerging musicians, bands, entertainers and performers – it also empowers professionals to engage and converse directly with venues. As GigBridge works in both directions, it provides venues wishing to put on entertainment, access to an almost inexhaustible source of Australia’s talented performers who are only too willing to come and perform at your venue.